Myth Buster: Left Brain vs. Right Brain

left brain vs. right brain money mindset myth buster self-image Mar 06, 2023

TRANSCRIPT: Hello, everyone. I am coming to you today to talk about a myth that I feel like has always traveled around and it's a little bit of a pet peeve of mine. And it's the fact that there is a separation between the left brain and the right brain.  

I want to talk about this because it happens to do with self-image. If you see yourself as someone who is constantly more creative, you tend to shy away from some more technical aspects. If you see yourself more on the technical side of things (more left brain so to speak) then you may shy away from other areas that are more creative. 

In all reality, things are just not that segmented. You need your right side just as much as your left side. When I was in sports and doing athletics, such as gymnastics and dance, we always learn to do something on our right side and our left side. There’s no excuse to just turn on one side. There's my Zoolander reference for you!  

Just doing a one-sided turn doesn’t work! If you are only turning right then that's the frustration. That's where you're going to run into some obstacles. Especially with business, you need both sides working. In any art form, let's say painting. You've got the technicalities of the types of mediums that you're using, the kinds of paints, the different types of shades. 

I did ceramics for a while, and with ceramics there were different types of clay. What are you trying to build? Each clay has a different texture to it with specifications for glazing and how you're going to fire it in the kiln. Pretty much every aspect of art has got some technical aspect to it that has to be in place for you to succeed creatively.  

Business is no different. Same for your personal life. Whatever you're trying to create or plan for your future, there's a technical aspect to it that we need to be able to manage and get under our belt to see it come to fruition. We need to be able to measure our process and our progress along the way in order to determine whether something is really working or not.  

I bring all of this to the table because whenever anyone is dealing with something that is somewhat out of one’s comfort zone, it's easy to just shy away and tell yourself, “I'm uncomfortable and this is just not my thing”. Don't stop there.  

As we begin to talk about money and other business concepts, if you find yourself thinking this or feeling like it’s above your head, ask questions. Reach out to me. Press; get your questions answered. Know that you're not alone. It's not just you. Know that this is a safe place to ask your questions.  

Not everywhere or everyone may be a safe place to ask those questions to, but this community is. We want you to be in the space where you're out of your comfort zone, you're growing and you're beginning to not only feel some success but also build the muscle in the areas that you may be weak.  

Like iron sharpening iron, we want to be there to help sharpen each other, help each other grow, and make sure that you feel loved, covered and protected in that growth process because I know that it's a vulnerable one. Whenever you get to a point where you feel like, “…this is not my thing” or, “… I can't do this”. Stop. Remember that there is no such thing as a separation between the creative and the technical. Even with language. I was into linguistics for a little while. For me, realizing that mathematics worked the same part of my brain as language did was a game changer. 

Much like language, it’s just a way of processing logic or expression. It just looks a little different. That aspect helped me realize that understanding more technical concepts was not so far from me. People have told me it's far from me because I'm creative or because I may struggle with a certain concept. That’s just not true. I encourage you not to let that stop you.  

Take that step. It's possible. I'm telling you it's possible. Start looking for those moments where you feel like you're stopping yourself and saying, … “this is too much” or, “…I can't do this” or, “…this is not my thing”. Tackle it. Put it under your feet. You were made the head and not the tail. You were put above and not below. That's what Deuteronomy 28:13 tells us in the Bible. No matter what it looks like in the moment, if you believe in Jesus Christ, He puts you at the head and not the tail, above and not below. These challenges are not your master. You are master of them.  

Money is only a tool. What you're doing is just picking up a new tool set that you may not be as familiar with, and learning how they work together and how to apply them.  

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