I am a creative turned accountant! I grew up in a family that has always been very creative and artistic. The last field I thought I would find myself in was the field of accounting or business coaching, but I love it! Before becoming a management accountant, I almost became an interpreter and then I almost became a ballroom dance instructor. True story. Dancing, writing music, and languages are still passions of mine. 

Accounting is the language of business

My love for languages drove me into accounting. While pursuing the possibilities of a career in interpreting that had not turned out to be the fit I hoped it would be, I took what I thought would be a side job as an office manager with a small business. I began helping with their books and payroll. Getting more familiar with the numbers, I began to see the challenges that this family business faced, their successes, their failures and how they planned to overcome them. It was then that it dawned on me why the financial records were called ‘books’.  Accounting is a language! It’s the language of business. This experience inspired me to go back to school to pursue my Master of Accountancy. My heart is to use my knowledge and expertise to equip small business owners with the financial acumen needed to accomplish their creative dreams.

I love languages, I love people and I love the creative thought process of strategic planning! I would be honored to be a meaningful part of your story.

My Professional Background


As a Certified Management Accountant and YNAB budget coach, I am equipped to serve as a strategic partner both in your personal and entrepreneurial life. My background is in FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) and analytics. I use financial tools and implement financial strategies that aid in your decision-making process. I work to support you in harnessing money management skills that bring form, structure, and direction to your goals. I aid in developing strategy that supports you in achieving your financial goals, leading your family, and your business.

What is a CMA (Certified Management Accountant)? 


The CMA® is the globally recognized, advanced-level professional certification for accountants and financial professionals in business. Achieving the CMA demonstrates expertise in financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics – skills that are in high demand on finance teams around the world. CMAs are experts at explaining the “why” behind the numbers, not just the “what”.


Listen In


I was honored to be featured on IMA’s (Institute of Management Accountants) podcast last year. Listen here to learn more about my story and what a CMA is.  

The CMA's 50th Anniversary, Nov 2022
Institute for Managment Accountants Podcast