80% of small businesses fail in their first 5 years due to cash flow issues. By focusing on building our faith and increasing both business and financial acumen, we aim to change that statistic in the Body of Christ.

We believe that God has called you to master the domain that He has given you in business and your family. Connecting your cashflow to your strategic vision in life and business is an integral part of mastering that domain and building a legacy for your family.

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Do any of these look like any of your goals?


  • I invested a lot in my business. How do I know I'm getting my return as an investor in my business?
  • I need to figure out a way to know where my business' finances are each week
  • Stop my business from eating up my cash
  • Improve my Personal and Business financial health; create both stability and resilience by instituting the right systems and habits
  • Peace of mind. I want to know my money is being used effectively
  • Get more flexibility and clarity on decision making
  • Financial Security. I need reassurance that my long term financial needs are being taken care of and not being put off or delayed
  • I want to feel more confident when I make decisions with my money
  • I'm tired of feeling intimidated by money
  • I don't want my money to be an obstacle for me any longer
  • I want to know what the Bible says about money and using it to run a business
  • I need to figure out if my business is profitable
  • I need to figure out what to do with the statement from my bookkeeper


My community membership can help!


You'll get:

  • Direct access to a Certified Management Accountant and YNAB budget coach
  • Guided instruction on how to implement both
    • 1) YNAB & Profit First along with the
    • 2) establishing habits needed to build both your business and personal financial health and
    • 3) building a Money Map that will connect your cash flow to your long-term strategic goals
  • Group coaching via bi-monthly live Q&A sessions
  • Community support- join other business owners facing similar challenges
  • Customized content built to meet your needs
  • Learn on your time and have access to my support when you need it
  • Ongoing accountability and support to stay on track as you build your Money Map for both your business and personal financial health
  • Access to my Personal Financial Health Model
  • Conquer the intimidation around money through a Biblical Money Mindset
Join the Community!

Still not sure? See my FAQs below:


I'm strapped for cash! How can I afford something like this?

  • This membership can help you find money you didn’t know you had.
    • Getting control over money has helped so many realize that they can do more with the money that they currently have.
    • Being strapped for cash is often a result of a lack of clarity when making decisions. This leaves you feeling stranded as you scramble last minute to figure out how to cover financial obligations that you knew were coming but somehow don’t have the cash for them because you didn’t realize you were spending it on something else earlier on.
    • Getting accountability and support through my community membership to implement the right systems will help you gain clarity and stop that feeling of always ‘bleeding’ cash. You will have the tools needed to direct your finances with greater intention saving money and time in the long run while getting you closer to your goals.

I can do it on my own. Why do I need help?

  • You are an entrepreneurial go getter but if you could have done this on your own, you would have already.
    • If you are a small business owner and can't afford a fractional CFO it's likely that you are doing your own day to day money management and strategic planning. My community will provide you with the help you need to do it right, overcome obstacles, save you time and grow!
    • We are built to learn and grow in community. Proverbs 18:1 states that, “Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgement”. Being an entrepreneur can be an isolating experience especially when working through sensitive financial matters. This community provides the support and accountability to help you get answers to your questions and keep you moving forward in your financial journey.

What exactly will I be learning and working toward as a member?

  • This community will function as a command center. You might have a financial advisor, bookkeeper, business coach, CPA but this is where you will come to learn how to put all pieces that God has given you together. 
    • You will utilize tools like YNAB, Profit First, and my Money Map to learn how to more effectively manage your money so that you can make more strategic decisions.
    • This is not just about budgeting. Getting money management down is just the beginning of any financial journey. My community will grow with your business to help you build out your strategic plan and harness your money management to drive that business plan of yours forward. I can help you build your skill sets as a business owner in areas like evaluating risk, getting a return on your business investments, and developing measures that will help you focus on the areas that make you successful.

How do I make time for this?

  • This membership saves you time!
    • Having the right systems in place saves you time and your finances are the life blood of your business and if you get a clot or bleed profusely your business will die. No matter how talented you are or how great you are at serving your clients, which I know you are!!
    • Access to individual help and group coaching will help you identify problem areas and get them fixed fast.
    • Direct access to me as a Certified Management Accountant and YNAB budget coach to streamline overcoming your next financial hurdle.
    • No more spinning your wheels searching for help online. Benefit from my community's curated and reliable content.

I already have a CPA doing my taxes and a bookkeeper. Why do I need this?

  • CPAs and bookkeepers look in the "rear view mirror" at past data that has already happened. By the time you talk to your tax accountant or get the financial statements from your bookkeeper there is no ability to change what you've already done in the past.
    • Being part of my community and implementing the strategies is like turning on the headlights to your car. You now can see into the future to start positioning yourself for what's on the road ahead instead of looking at what just happened in the rear-view mirror.
    • Learning how to position yourself and make decisions based on what's coming up on the road ahead will allow you to set expectations on how you will perform.
    • It is only when you compare these expectations against the information provided to you by your tax accountant and bookkeeper that you will then be able to derive more meaning from the materials they give you and know how to use it for you business’ benefit. 

I don't have a bookkeeper or tax accountant. Can I still be a part of your community?

  • Most definitely! 80% of small businesses fail due to cashflow issues. That means they just simply run out of cash.
    • The sooner you get support and implement the correct financial strategies the healthier your business will be and the more likely you will be able to succeed and last the long term!

 I am not a numbers person and I absolutely dread working with my finances.

  • Money management is not about being a numbers person. It’s about being a creative and strategic thinker.
    • If you are an entrepreneur, this is actually where you shine! I can help show you how to see how your creative visionary side and the technical side of money work together so that you can have fun running your business’ finances!


Join the Community!

Questions I often help other

entrepreneurs like you answer:


Is it worth it to take out a loan to grow this part of my business?

When should I replace my vehicle?

How do I balance spending money on expenses versus my investments?

How do I read the financial statements?

Is how much I owe in taxes a bad thing?

How do I prepare for tax season at the beginning of the year instead of scrambling at the end of the year?

How much should I pay myself?

How do I make the switch from my personal checking to my business checking account?

How do other entrepreneurs afford paying themselves?

How much should I spend on marketing for my business?

How do I stop my business from eating up my personal cash?

Am I even making a profit?

What do I do with the information that my tax accountant or bookkeeper gives me?

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